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Sweet Drops

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iStevia Sweet Drops is a product designed for ultimate user friendliness and economy. The sweetener is in liquid form for quick dissolution in hot or cold beverages.  A 15ml pack of iStevia Sweet Drops contains at least 100 servings – ensuring high economy for the user.


iStevia Sweet Drops has unparalleled taste profile, almost similar to that of sugar. It does not have any bitter after-taste or slow onset of sweetness commonly found in stevia based products.

One 15 ml pack is enough for at least 100 cups of tea or coffee


One year shelf life and does not need refrigeration for storage for a long time.


The product is packed in HDPE bottle fitted with suitable dropping nozzle and pilfer-proof cap. 



15 ml dropping bottle packed in a partially recyclable blister pack

Technical Features of iStevia Sweet Drops
  1. Natural non-nutritive low sweetness index carbohydrates are used as dilutant and complementing agent for sweet taste.

  2. Specific Stevioside/Reb-A ratio is used which has high solubility as well as high sweetness index.

  3. Natural taste modifiers are used to enhance the sweet taste and mask the aftertaste.

  4. The high solubility of the vehicle used ensures quick dispersion in food/ beverages.

  5. High process hygiene and use of food or pharmaceutical grade preservatives/ antioxidants results in longer shelf life.  

Specialties - iStevia Sweet Drops:


Highly soluble and easily mixes with all hot and cold beverages/foods.


Has a very good taste and does not have any unpleasant odour.


Taste is not spoiled by heat.


Can be stored for long time.


Safe for all ages.

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